Monday, October 21, 2013

Representation Homework 
First statement : 'In many rap videos women have no identity except as sexual playthings and "eye candy'

I agree with this statement because in many videos such as Blurred Lines, Gold Digger by Kanye West and Still DRE by Dr DRE many of the women are there because they look good and would attract young men therefore they are seen as eye candy. Furthermore this will teach young men that girls are just sex toys as the videos get worse and will make them represent the women like this till videos become less sexual. Also having girls in videos doing sexual things will be influenced on the younger generation, this is already happening when Miley Cyrus started to twerk, many young girls are now starting to twerk and it is now seen as normal. However this is not normal for an 11 year old girl to do because most men only come across twerking when they become an age such as 18.

Second statement : 'These images do provide pleasures to some viewers. But the concern is that men may internalise the notion that women are nothing more than sexual objects waiting to be used.'

I agree that the women in the videos give please to some viewers - these are negative images probably being viewed by secondary school students. Therefore this links to that women are nothing than sexual objects waiting to be used because a virgin would think that all girls are like these women and would throw their body around you. Therefore an image is created and it could be stereotypical that women should have a perfect body, good looking and is pretty much a man's sex object. In this day and age the concern is that the videos become pornographic and that young children between 7-10 are learning about sex too quickly and seeing things they should not see. Therefore as the videos get worse by 2018 the representation for women would become different from when MC Hammer had video girls. They used to be classy and elegant and now you could call them not classy, fake and flash their body for money. This is all influenced by the Media and most children these days are surrounded by Media. There's the Nuts Magazines where young children can see, Music videos are easily accessible on YouTube, there would be no stopping these younger teens and children perceiving the negative approach/representation because the videos are becoming worse and worse.

Third statement : These sorts of images are not unique to hip hop. Objectified female bodies are everywhere. They appear throughout our culture in films, advertisements, television programmes etc. However, within music videos, this is virtually the ONLY vision of women available.'

I disagree that these sort of images are not unique to hip hop. Because in the film Horrible Bosses, Jennifer
Aniston in the film plays are part that she is very sexual towards men, her movement is seductive and provocative and this film was on a 12 rating. Therefore many young children would be able to see what a stereotypical women is now. In the new Gilette advert there are two women in small clothing giving another stereotypical and negative representation towards women. In the programme Geordie Shore the girls are always wanting to pull men and have sex with them, this will tell the younger audience that girls just want to have sex and that to men they are just objects. This shows many different ways where young men can see what women are now represented as. And sexy, good looking women are now the only vision in Men's music videos because sex sells. And the more money the artists make the more girls they will use therefore Hip Hop Honey's will become worse over time till there will be action taken but there is none at the moment.
Will it be to late for when the children become influenced by the negative representation of women and how they should be treated and used?

Monday, October 14, 2013

1) We added lots of detail into each of the questions we answered.
2) Our layout was clear so that it could be easily read by the audience.
3) We presented it well and it was clear how we each spoke in turn.

1) We made it into a video and added sound such as the 2 songs.
2) We had the video playing in the corner of the pay while the presentation was being played.
3) It was more interactive so that the audience could join in.


Personally I agree with the three statements as many famous rappers are all the same and videos all have lots of similarity. In many videos you see them flashing money and dancing with half naked women, one statement expresses that a real man will have control over lots of women and you will always dominate them. Rappers and hip hop artists such as Jay Z and 50 Cent use these stereotypes in their videos, 50 Cent’s video ‘Candy Shop’ shows him being flocked by many women who are worshipping him, also he is the only male in the whole video and this shows he is dominant.
Throughout many hip hop videos you will see hip hop artists wearing expensive clothes and with accessories such as chains and watches. This is a show of wealth and that they have lots of money which is stated in the statement. In 50 cents ‘Candy Shop’ it shows him sitting on the bonnet of an expensive fast, red car wearing a big chain this makes 50 cent look very rich and highly powerful which will attract girls to him. It then zooms into his trainers, they say G Unit on and that’s the name of his group, by wearing these it shows he has lots of money to create his own brand of shoes and that he is powerful.  Jay Z’s ‘Pimpin It’ starts with a huge yacht sailing across the ocean this shows he has plenty of money, it then shows Jay Z on the yacht with plenty of women scattered around the whole boat. Jay Z is sitting down smoking a big Cuban cigar, when I see somebody smoking a Cuban cigar I assume they have lots of money and people look up to them as being powerful. More recently hip hop videos have the artist wasting expensive alcohol around and this is also done in Pimping It this shows they have money to waste.
Many of the lyrics refer to other meaning such as in Candy Shop he calls it a candy shop but in reality the ‘candy’ are the women. He later says he is ‘the love doctor’ this shows he is dominant over the women and they all come to see him with their problems and he can sort them out.
So personally I agree with these statements as this is what I see hip hop as. But at the end of 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ he wakes up sitting in his car in a drive through collecting his takeaway, he was daydreaming which shows he doesn’t actually have the life that is portrayed in the video. So even though you and I may believe all hip hop artists are the same but in reality they aren’t and that videos over exaggerate what a hip hop stars life is like.
Iron Maiden-Number of the beast-
Denotation- a piece of graffiti with a devil and another creature with flames at the bottom up them.
Connotation-it looks as though the devil is lurring the creature into hell so it becomes a devil creature.

Bruce Springsteen-Born in the USA-
Denotation-The behind of a man with a white top on and blue jeans with a red cap in his right back pocket.It also has red and white stripes in the background.
Connotation-It looks as though he has just finished a day of work as a rock and roll musician or a mechanic.

The Strokes-Is this it-
Denotation- A white skinned lady's hand in a black glove on her bum.
Connotation-It could mean that she is saying to her husband or boyfriend 'is this it that you want'

Queen-Queen II
Denotation-4 men with their heads back and the front persons arms are crossed with a light shining on their faces. 
Connotation-It could be them going up to heaven, and heavens light is shining on their faces.

Joy Division-Unknown pleasures-
Denotation-It is a black background with white lie detector waves.
Connotation- It could be that she is taking a lie detector as her 'unknown pleasures' could be her cheating on her husband or boyfriend.

Pink Floyd - Wish you were here.
Denotation-It is two idetical men standing in an industrial estate but one is on fire.
Connotation-They could be twins and one could have died in a fire and the other twin wishes he was here.

The Who-Who's Next-
Denotation-4 men standing on a mountain with nothing around apart from a white cuboid.
Connotation-Maybe they have been abandoned there by somebody who doesnt like them and they are wondering whos next to be abandoned.

Soulwax-Nite visions.
Denotation- Red and white diagonal lines with the album name and artist name in red in the bottom left.
Connotation-You can only read Soulwax Nite Visions in the dark so it is like it is hiding so you would need night vision glasses to see it.

Blondie-Parallel lines-
Denotation-Black and white parallel lines in the background with 5 men in black and white suits and 1 woman in a white dress in the middle.
Connotation- Usually parallel lines are the exact same but these parallel lines are black and white so maybe its trying to say black and white people are the same.

Miles Davis-TUTU
Denotation-I see a black skinned male with a black background.
Connotation-It could be trying to portray that it is just him and you should take him for who he is.