Monday, January 27, 2014

ive done this layout as it is organised and can be seen as more formal than a notmal magazine

Monday, January 20, 2014

title ideas for magazine (teenage magazines )

  • teen voice 
  • teenage dream 
  • gossip girls 
  • popteen 
  • girlfriend 
  • glam-teen 
  • high-school chick 
  • young and preppy 
  • teenThing 
  • whats hot and whats not 
  • teenage pout 

ive chosen girlfriend as its a word used more commoly between girl friendships and would appeal to the teenage audience towards girls 
cover lines for magazine

  • how you can create a face men cant resist 
  • make fashion your passion
  • spice up your school uniform 
  • get your summer body for 2014 
  • 50 flirting tips you have to try 
  • amp up your style 
  • how to get your body in shape 
  • easy hairstyles that will suit you 
  • make your skin clean now!
  • 200+ bikinis find one that will suit your body 
  • how to get that millionaire hair 
  • get a glam tan
  • classy isnt nasty 

Monday, January 13, 2014

this front cover for the magazine shows symmetry as the left side of the magazine is exactly the same as the right side the little white lies continue this style through out there magazine issues

this magazine shows aysymmetry as the right side is compact with quiet big pictures but the left side is filled with smaller bits of writing but has a main image behind it . all this is aysmmetrical because there are several little tings on the left and big things on the right 
this is aysmeetrical (colour) as it is vey bold colour through out the magazine front cover but has an image in the corner . the colour is bold which appeals to customers as its very colourful . its aysymmetrical as the colour is more bold than the picture in the corner 

Friday, January 10, 2014

modern: i've chosen the font for modern as its very simple and easy to read which in modern newspapers and magazines is a must 

kids: i've chosen this font for kids as it fun , good to loom at and very interesting which appeals to kids

sport : i've chosen this font for sport as its bold and needs to been seen for veiwers of the sport reading a paper or magazine

masculine: i've chosen this font for masculine as its very bold and strong , this font is usally used for the army which demonstares strong language 

feminine : i've chosen this font for feminine as it has portrayed women in words which makes this feminine  

sophisticated : i've chosen this font for sophisticated as very posh and formal and should be very neat for the upper class to read 

bold: ive chosen this font because its bold and stays out from a normal font as its oulines with black and usally used in headlines to be seen 

history: ive chosen this font asit is associated with history as its big bold and very ellegent