Thursday, March 13, 2014

modern- i chose this font as it is simplistic and smart and would appeal to a younger audience who are very modern in today society 
kids - i picked this font because the letters are not the sasme thorughtout the word which wil appeal to a young audience as its all jumbled up and its something to think about for young kids 
sport - i chose this for sport becuase its bold and ordered so the audience are aware of what the story is or the score or the important bits they need to know 
masculoine- i chose this font for masculine as its very very large and powerful to read also the font is used in army context to resemble hardcore work 
femine- i chose this font as the letters represent women and would suit a womens magazine or newspaper in a womens section as it is sophisticated and posh 
sophisticated- i chose this font as it has a unique look to it to represent a clear and to the point lettering 
bold- i chose this as it stands outfromother fonts and would attract the readers eyes straight away 
history - i chose this as it would be associated with old news or newspapers such as - the times 

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