Friday, March 14, 2014

 address - the model from the magazine 'fergie' from the black eyed peas is looking straight into the camera which means there looking at you and there is a direct coverline saying your 'your body' therefore talking to you

language - in this paricular magazine the magazine comes across as quiet formal and gosspiy as if the magazine was next to you whispering your ear like a friend would

aspirational - the coverline ' win the sex factor '  is aspireational as everyone wants to be the best in bed also the coverline 'your body only firmer ' is aspirational as everyone wants a sexy body

you can see the magazine is trying to be your friend and wants you to listen to what there saying these 3 things involoved in the magazine help get the reader attracted to the magazine , the coverlines also help as it reveals information from the inside which could help the customer be attracted as they might want to know how to get a good body

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